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We are finding many lenders are recalling mortgage loans due to late or missed payments, low credit scores, or sub primed lenders who are simply not in the mortgage business in Canada any more (orphaned mortgages) such as GE Money, Citi Financial, Wells Fargo, N-Brook, and Accredited leading to a Foreclosure.

Mortgage professionals are finding it more and more difficult to find a replacement sub-prime lender for clients who face these unfortunate situations. We specializes in helping clients find a way to pay their existing lender WITHOUT selling their home.

Foreclosure Guidelines

When clients find themselves in situations where a Lender is not renewing their mortgage… they often end up facing Foreclosure. Why? Because there are just aren’t many options for clients who are facing an Orphaned mortgage and they are still considered a “Sub Prime” client. Their Bank wants their Mortgage paid off and there are very few options for clients when they face this demand but have credit challenges…hence… many lead to Foreclosure.

Our Refinance Buy Back Model allows you to:

Stay in your home and NOT Sell
Allows you to Rebuild your credit standing
Access up to 90% of your home equity to Pay off Bills…Pay Property Tax Arrears…Pay Revenue Canada arrears…consolidate your debts.